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Two tips to follow when selecting signage for your event

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If you're hosting an event that requires signage, here are two tips to follow when selecting it.  

Heed your sign supplier's recommendations regarding freestanding signs

Due to how portable they are and because they don't require special installation skills to set up, freestanding signs appeal to a lot of event organisers. However, even though this type of signage can be useful in lots of situations, it's important to listen to your sign supplier if they advise you not to use this signage at your event and to instead opt for wall- or ceiling-mounted signs instead.

They might advise you to do this if, for example, floor space at your event will be limited and the event will be very crowded as, in these circumstances, there is a risk that the freestanding signs will get in the way or get knocked over. Additionally, in this busy environment, signs that are mounted high up onto walls might be easier for people to see.

Likewise, they might advise against them if the event is going to be outdoors and the ground where it's being hosted is very uneven, as freestanding signs might wobble considerably and eventually fall over in this setting. Taking the sign supplier's advice regarding this matter will ensure the signs you select are effective and that you don't need to readjust or fix them in any way throughout the event.

Find out if you need to remove and clean the signs before returning them

Some sign suppliers will remove and handle any required cleaning of the signage they rent out themselves. However, this is not the case with all sign suppliers, and some might request an extra fee for doing this task. It's sensible to find out what your sign supplier's policy is regarding this matter.

If you will have to take down and clean the signs yourself before returning them, knowing this in advance will mean you can schedule some time to do these tasks at the end of the event, whilst if the sign supplier will be doing this, you can budget for any extra fees you'll incur. If you will be cleaning the signage yourself, you should ask the sign supplier about what type of cleaning products you can safely use for this task, as some strong cleaning products (such as disinfectant wipes that contain alcohol) might, for example, make the ink on some signage streaky.  

Reach out to a sign supplier to learn more.