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Expanding your business's braille signage

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Braille signage is a vital part of making your business accessible to visually impaired customers. These signs, marked with patterns of raised dots, allow customers who might not be able to read printed signs to read them by touching them. Buildings required to be accessible must have certain specified braille signage, but by using custom braille sign supplies, you can also create braille signs for other parts of your business. 

Required braille signage

Australian Standards state that buildings which are required to be accessible must have a number of different braille tactile signs. These signs must identify washrooms, rooms with hearing augmentation systems, stairways, lifts, exits, and other features. By marking major features with braille signs deployed in standard locations, your business can help visually impaired visitors not only stay safe but also get where they're going quickly and easily. Braille tactile signs designed to meet these standards are available in a wide range of different styles.

Custom braille signage

You have to install braille tactile signs to meet the requisite Australian standards, but that doesn't mean those are the only braille signs your business will need. If you want to make your business more welcoming to visually impaired visitors, you can create custom braille signs that identify important features of your business. You can expand the detail of your signage, identifying particular rooms within a building, creating office nameplates, or pointing out features such as baby change facilities. With custom braille sign supplies, you can even add logos and branding to your braille signs to bring them in line with your business's overall look. 

Upgrading existing signs

Making your signage easy for visually impaired visitors to use doesn't have to mean creating completely new signs. One way in which you can make your existing signage more accessible is to add custom braille strips. Whether made for you by a manufacturer or created using custom braille sign supplies, these strips provide lines of braille text that you can attach to your existing signs. Expanding your existing signs in this way demonstrates your business's commitment to accessibility and helps braille readers get around easily. 

Whether you're installing the required braille signs in a new business, creating additional signs to promote your business or upgrading your existing printed signage with braille text, braille tactile signs are a vital part of your accessibility strategy. The more braille signage you can deploy, the easier it will be for visually impaired customers to use your business and visually impaired employees to do their best work. Look for a supplier near you who provides braille tactile signs