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Three Things To Consider When Designing A Banner For Your Business

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Having a banner for your business is great for promotion, especially if you go to large events, conferences, fairs or exhibitions. A vinyl banner is a great idea, as it will be durable and easy to clean. The three tips below explain some things you will need to consider when designing your vinyl banner.

Choose Your Wording Carefully

Using the right words on your banner is really important because people who have never heard of your business will see it, and it will form their first impression of you. Of course, you'll want to have the name of your business on there, but you'll also want something that lets them know what your business does. LinkedIn explains how to craft a short, effective description of your business by explaining what you do or sell and who you work with. Finally, make sure your banner also has up-to-date contact details so people who are interested can get in touch.

Think About A Colour Scheme

Choosing an effective colour scheme for your banner can ensure that it stands out from the crowd and that it conveys the message you want. If your business already has a colour scheme, this will give you a starting point. Think about what kind of impression you want to give. If you want to seem very professional, then black, white and other neutral colours would work. If your business is fun, try bright colours. If you want people to feel calm, greens and blues are a great idea. Finally, you will need to make sure that there's enough contrast between your text and background so it's readable from a distance. Viget has some good examples of contrasting colours, explaining that something like grey writing on a white background often does not provide a high enough level of contrast to be readable.

Come Up With A Layout

Designing a layout for your banner can be fun and creative, but you need to decide in advance exactly what you want to be on there. As iPaper explains, there is an impulse to add as much information as possible, but this can be overwhelming for the viewer. Go for a design that flows well, that incorporates all the text and images you want, and that makes sense visually. If there are empty spaces, add something, and if it feels cluttered, think about what you could remove. If you find layouts difficult to design, this is something that you could easily get a professional to help you with.

If you spend enough time and effort thinking about content, colour and design, you can create a banner that's effective, timeless and a great promotional tool.