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3 Tips for using your business signs on promotional products

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While many businesses focus on creating flashy window signs, banners and LED displays, there's another unique way through which you can reach more customers. Promotional items help you develop a personal relationship with your customers, and they also promote brand recognition. There's lots of value in embedding your business signs on giveaway t-shirts, mugs, pens and even electronic devices. These items will advertise your business continuously while developing customer loyalty in the process. Thinking beyond traditional brick and mortar signs is an excellent way of tapping into new marketing opportunities.

But how can you embed your business sign on promotional items such that you end up getting more customers?

1. Start by reflecting on your goals

Before you even begin producing promotional products, decide what your overall objective is. What are you looking to accomplish? Is brand recognition your top concern, or are you looking to increase customer loyalty? Who is your intended audience? What messaging strategy will you use to realise your goals?

Take all these factors into consideration when designing a sign and a promotional product for your target audience. You may choose to embed a flashy sign on your items to make your business identity clearly visible, but if you're simply looking to subconsciously promote customer loyalty, a smaller sign on your products might be a better approach.

2. Your business sign should be clearly visible

Whether you're aiming for an "in your face" or more subtle message, make sure your sign is clearly visible on the promotional product. Choose a high-quality embedding technique, along with a material that will last for a long time. You wouldn't want your business sign and message to fade away as your customer keep using your free product--they might just end up forgetting about you. 

3. Make sure the promotional product is useful

Why do businesses invest in promotional products? Because they wish to create useful and branded items that customers will love. Depending on the nature of your business, determine which items will be of most value to your customers. An office supplies company may find pens, calendars and posters as useful promotional items, while a home furniture company may determine that branded mugs and glassware work better for their customers. With the right product selected, your business signage will speak for itself. You will have the freedom of embedding your sign and message on many different parts of the product, as long as your customers actually find the product useful. 

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