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You Need Banner Advertising

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It's a fact that, although more and more people are using the internet, internet penetration is far from universal. It's also fact that people, perhaps as a reaction to the deluge of marketing messages and information that they receive online, have developed online ad blindness. These two things can only lead to the conclusion that internet marketing — although definitely effective — cannot be left to stand on its own. If you rely exclusively on internet marketing, you're going to miss making an impression on the people who do not go online and people who are blind to online ads.

Thus, Internet marketing works better when coupled with offline advertising strategies. Since you probably don't have enough funds to pay for TV and radio airtime, for a billboard ad in the busy street intersection or for a space in the local or national daily, you are left with only one viable option: ads on banner stands. Banner ads are definitely colourful and eye-catching but they are also wonderfully affordable. All you need for this type of advertising is to get banners printed and invest in some durable banner stands, after that, you can display your-banner ads anywhere you want.

These are the top reasons why you need banner stand ads.

"In Your Face" Advertising

You can't force people to look at your online banners or to click on your PPC ads and links. Through your banner stands, however, you can put your banner ads where your target market can't ignore it, where there's nothing they can do except gaze at the ad and read it. Indeed, banner stands will let you do "In Your Face" advertising.

Banner stands give you the ability to bring your banner ads with you wherever you need to target specific segments of the market. Want to increase the number of students who patronize your restaurant? Set up some flying banners within the university premises, or line the avenues around the campus with flag stands. Want to increase sales from young professionals? Bring your banners to the city's business district. You can even light up your banner stands and display them in the city's main recreational avenues at night so that the young professionals you're targeting will see your banners when they go dining or dancing.

Banner stands are extremely lightweight so you can carry and set them up anywhere. Just identify your market then go and set your banners up where your market can be found. That's how versatile banner stands are.

Get Commissions: Call Attention to Yourself at Show Rooms and Trade Exhibits

If you are a product supplier or a service provider who frequently attends bazaars and trade exhibits, you definitely need some indoor banner stands. Your banners will mark out your space in the showroom. More importantly, your colourful banners will help you stand out from the other merchants or service providers in attendance.

For your trade exhibit, for instance, just use the banners that you already have — perhaps even the one you use in your store. Set up your roller banner stands in such a way that they line your space boundaries and create some sort of enclosed booth. If you want, you can use uniform-height banner stands at the back and banners of decreasing height on the sides.

Attract New Customers: Promote Special Events

When you have something special going on — perhaps you are holding a promotion or sponsoring an event —you can easily gain your target market's attention through your banner stands. There are banner stands where the display can be changed as often as you want and need. Thus, if you are the type of merchant who has a different advertising gimmick every month, a restaurateur who changes the house special every week or a retailer who frequently holds 3-day sales, then banner advertising will work very well for you. You can easily change your window, indoor or outdoor banner display without having to change your banner stands every time you are holding a different promotion or sponsoring a new event.