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Unconventional Signage Options for Colleges and Universities

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The higher education sector is experiencing increased competition like never before. Colleges and universities are doing whatever it takes to attract new admissions. Therefore, branding and signage have become critical objectives for these institutions. However, marketing assistants are struggling with traditional signage techniques, which cannot create the desired market differentiation. Well, if you work in a marketing or communications department in a college or university, this article is for you. It highlights creative signage options you can adopt to gain the desired competitive edge.

Street Lights -- Great signage grabs the attention of the public. At night, nothing does it better than streetlights. Colleges and universities can lease a light and put up their signage.  In some areas, one is required to adopt a light in order to advertise. Adoption means taking care of maintenance and running costs, for instance, electricity. The street you choose to put up your signage matters, especially for learning institutions. It is prudent to put signage in an environment that portrays the ideals of the institution.

Mall Boards -- Malls are increasingly playing a significant role in our lives. Most people in metropolitan areas will visit a mall every time they run out of supplies. Signage is effective in populous areas; therefore, malls are ideal. It presents a good opportunity because families are the main clientele. Colleges and universities can hire space on mall boards and put up their signage. Digital boards are good because dynamic content can be incorporated. For example, course on offer and reporting dates.

Public Kiosks -- Learning institutions can opt to establish branded kiosks in highly populous centers for signage. This option has dual benefits and is highly effective if the numbers of kiosks are many. For instance, an institution is able to advertise itself. Additionally, these kiosks can be used for other marketing initiatives. Sales people can be stationed there to engage prospective clients directly. Further, mini libraries can also be given space.

College Fleet -- This approach is cost friendly because it utilizes already existing infrastructure, that is, school fleet. Colleges and universities can brand fleet with marketing literature. This way, they create mobile signage. Other options do not offer mobility. This mode of signage is particularly effective if the fleet is large and operates in highly populous neighborhoods. For institutions with a small fleet, not all is lost. Some public transport companies lease space on their fleet for signage.