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Going Through a Rebrand? Don't Forget New Signs

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There's a lot to think about when going through a company rebrand, so make sure you don't forget to plan for new signs. If you own a street-facing premises, then a sign is your way of communicating with every person who walks by—don't let them see an out-dated sign which doesn't represent your company as well as it could. Corporate signs inside your building are equally as important in giving the right impression to visitors. If you don't present a unified brand image then your company will look unorganised and unprofessional, which could drive business away. Follow the tips below to ensure that your signs don't drag you down during a rebrand. 

Set a rebranding schedule

The real problems come when a rebrand isn't fully planned—there's nothing more embarrassing than sending out materials that contain a mixture of your new and old branding, and your signs are an extension of this. You should have a date set for the release of new materials containing your new branding, including logo, font and company colours. Replacement of your signs should be included in this plan.

Make a list of all the signs you plan to have redesigned or replaced, get estimates for how long this will take (including installation), and make sure that this coincides with your other releases. Ideally, everything will be updated in the same 24-hour period, including your website, printed materials, and signs. If you have to prioritise, choose materials that are customer-facing first. That means that exterior signs are more important than signs in a back office that's rarely visited.

Redesign existing signs

Depending on the specifics of your rebrand, you may be able to repurpose old signs, saving time and money. If you've only made a simple to change to your logo, for example, the colour is different but the shape is identical, then you could have existing signs repainted and refinished. If you've kept the same font, but rearranged some letters, then you might simply be able to move your existing signs around. Only do this if you'll be completely happy with the result though - redesigning signs is only good value if they look professional, as a botched job could seriously damage your reputation.

Commission new signs

For a complete rebrand, you'll need entirely new signs created and installed. This is a good time to look at your previous signs and assess what you like and dislike about them. You might choose to use different sizes, materials, or add accents like backlighting. If you don't want your rebrand to be too dramatic, then sticking to designs similar to what you already have is the safest option. If you want to show people that you're a whole new company, then send a clear message with signs that are radically different.