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Common uses for bronze plaques

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There are times when one needs a sign made for one reason or another. Various people prefer signs created with particular designs and made from different materials. Despite all the choices available for signs, bronze plaques provide one with more than just a platform on which to etch information. Two of the main reasons one should use bronze plaques is that they create an image of prestige and most importantly permanence. As signs, bronze plaques are commonly utilized, but not limited, in the following areas:

Memorial plaques – One of the most common places you are likely to see a bronze plaque sign is on memorial monuments. Cities around the world are adorned with buildings, events, parks or other entity that are marked in commemoration of an outstanding individual. To memorize such people, bronze plaques are used because of the permanency they offer.

Dedication plaques – In the event that one wants to provide gratitude to an entity that has played a significant role in construction of a building, or has contributed significantly towards its expansion, using a bronze plaque does help to pass the message. Just like memorial plaques, bronze dedication plaques are preferred since once they are erected, they are permanent. Again, longevity in the selling point.

Address plaques – Businesses, buildings, homes, etc. need signs that direct people to their locations. Ordinary signs do perform this function, but when you use bronze plaques for the same purpose, they offer more than just letting people know your location. Aside from just showing your house or building number to the public, the aesthetics that are characteristic of bronze plaques welcome guests even before they enter your premises.

Hall of Fame plaques – Athletes who have outperformed expectations are usually rewarded with trophies, medals, money, and other prices. However, the best way to honour such people is by including their names in the Hall of Fame. Bronze plaques offer an opportunity for sports organisations to display the names of their athletes on material that stands the test of time. Most Halls of Fame signs are etched on bronze plaques.

Military plaques – The respect with which veteran military officials are held is hard to ignore. As such, governments prefer to honour veterans and identify bases and monuments by etching their names and other information on bronze plaques. It is therefore not uncommon to see military bronze plaques on army, navy, air force, and marine bases as well as ships.