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Important Questions to Ask a Sign Contractor

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Installing signs for your business can ensure that customers and clients find you and that you attract new foot traffic to your front door. It can also help to create brand awareness and allow you to stand out from the crowd or your competition. Not all signs are alike so you want to ensure you take your time to talk to a sign contractor about your options when it comes to wording, color, size, and design. Note a few additional questions to ask a contractor before he or she even starts their work, so you know you get a good sign that will work as it should and you take care of it properly over the years.

1. Always ask what maintenance the material will need

A sign cannot simply be installed and then forgotten about; the materials will need maintenance to protect the surface of the sign and keep it in good repair. Wood signs may need to be repainted or stained every few years, and even repaired so that chips and dings can be filled over. Metal signs may need checks for rust spots and you may need to refresh the paint or powder coating. Metal signs may also need sanding in certain areas if rust should develop or if there is damage around connectors because of high winds or other inclement weather.

Knowing the needed maintenance might also help you determine the right choice of material for your sign. You may find that one material is easier to care for and more durable or holds up better in your area's climate so it's a better investment overall, even if it's more expensive.

2. Ask their recommendations for illuminating the sign

If you want to keep your sign visible at night and you're not choosing a neon sign with its own illumination, ask your sign writer for their recommendations. You may have assumed that overhead lighting is good but note that a wood sign with thick letters may simply block off the light from above. A light that is too bright may simply reflect off a metal sign and the wording itself, making the metal more of a mirrored surface, and the lighting is ineffective.

Your sign writer or contractor may also be able to incorporate lighting fixtures into the sign as it's being designed or installed. This can ensure that it's always illuminated properly and that you don't need to figure out the best way to keep it visible even at night.