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Five Types of Signs You Need to Boost Safety Around Conveyor Belts

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Unfortunately, accidents can easily happen around conveyor belts, and some of them can be serious. If you own or manage a business with a conveyor belt, you have to focus on safety. Luckily, you can boost the safety of your work environment by posting a series of safety signs. Here are five types of signs to consider:

1. Signs to define areas

To help keep things organised, consider posting signs that define certain areas and the expectations in each one. For example, if you have safety ropes around your conveyor belt, you can post signs that say 'restricted area'. Alternatively, if certain types of personal protective gear are required in certain areas, you can post signs explaining what is required where.

2. Signs with rules

Ideally, any employee who works near your conveyor belt should be trained regarding the safety rules of the conveyor belt. However, you should also use signs to remind everyone in the area about the safety rules.

The rules you may want to share vary based on your safety objectives, but consider having a sign near the doorway leading to the room with the conveyor belt that lists rules such as not climbing, standing or riding on the conveyor belt. Similarly, you may also have safety signs that warn people not to perform maintenance work on the conveyor belt unless it is completely off and locked.

3. Danger or caution signs

To reinforce your rules and expectations, use 'danger' or 'caution' signs. You can hang danger signs around your conveyor belt, or instead of opting for signs, you can order decals from most sign companies that stick right to your guard rails, reminding bystanders of the danger posed by moving parts.

4. Signs with explanations

In addition to caution and danger signs or signs with lists of rules, consider hanging some signs that explain what various things mean. For example, if you have a buzzer that sounds before the conveyor belts starts, you may want a sign that explains, 'Move back when buzzer sounds. Buzzer indicates conveyor belt is starting'.

5. Signs of encouragement

Of course, you don't just want to focus on rules and warnings, you also want to encourage your team to be as safe as possible. Some of the encouragement signs you may want to hang around your conveyor belt include signs that say things like, 'zero injuries start with you' or 'safety saves lives'.

For more information or custom options, talk with companies that specialise in business signs